Born in Northeast PA, Harris has worked as a professional artist and teacher in Miami, FL for the last 25 years working out of a studio at the South Florida Art Center for ten of those years.

Her work has been narrative, figurative and primarily auto-biographical. Of late her parallel interest in nature has found its way into her work.

An interest in the process and materials of art led her to explore printmaking and hand papermaking.

Jane has taught at the SFAC, the Hebrew Academy, the Bass Museum School, MDC and Immaculata - LaSalle High School where she served as head of the Fine Arts Department.

Her work has been exhibited at a variety of venues including the South Florida Art Center, Bakehouse Art Complex, Bass Museum, University of Costa Rica, "Small Works" at NYU,  Inglenook Winery in the Napa Valley,  Graham Center at Florida International University, "Very Special Arts"- a State of Florida traveling exhibition and an environmental art project at St. Thomas University.

She continues to follow her artistic vision, working in a studio at - 4432 SW 74 Avenue  Miami, FL 33155- in the Bird Road District.



BA Degree in Art Education, Marywood College Scranton, PA, 1966. 

Studio Artist- South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, FL 1985-1996.

Graduate work: Mixed Media, Fabrics, Fibers and Papers, Marywood College, Scranton, PA

Life Drawing, Experimental Drawing, Painting, Monotype and Museum Studies, Florida International University, Miami, FL 1990-2001

Introduced to hand papermaking at an invitational workshop conducted by Aurelia Munoz of Barcelona. Continued work with South Florida papermaker Betty Kjelson. 
Apprenticed with printmaker Shirley Green in Miami, working with relief and intaglio processes as well as monoprint. 
Further explored the concept of monotype as a part of the handmade paper process with Helen Frederick of Pyramid Atlantic. 


1993 Heublein Inc. Napa Valley, CA
1990 Very Special Arts, Traveling Exhibition, State of Florida
1988 Artist-in-Residence, Wilkes-Barre, PA


1993 Inglenook Vineyards, Napa Valley, CA1990 Mural, C. Moskowitz, Miami Beach, FL
1989 Mural, Monty Trainers Bayshore, Coconut Grove, FL
1988 Mural, Clarion Castle Hotel, Miami Beach, Fl 

         Mural, Starling Fattahi Inc., Coral Gables, FL
         Pickering Press, Coconut Grove, FL
         Shakespeare Festival, Coral Gables, FL 

1987 Mural, Grace Hawthorne & Associates, Miami, FL
1986 Greater Miami Opera, Miami, FL



2018   Memory Mapping, HARRISART, Miami, FL
            BRAD Artists Showcase: Belen Academy

2017   Tournesol, HARRISART, Miami, FL
            Fiber Optics, HARRISART, Miami, FL
            Milander Center for Arts, Hialeah, FL  
           Jane Harris Retrospective, HARRISART, Miami, FL

2016  WHITEOUT: Channeling Rauschenberg, HARRISART, Miami, FL
           Into the Woods, HARRISART, Miami, FL

           Eye on Nature, HARRISART, Miami, FL  
           Scratching the Surface: Etching Demo & Workshop,
HARRISART, Miami, FL           

2014  Drum Circle/ Closing of Fragments, HARRISART, Miami, FL
           Fragments: Multiple Artists, HARRISART, Miami, FL  
           Different Strokes, HARRISART, Miami, FL  
           30 Years on the Road, Art Center/South Florida, Miami Beach, FL  
           The Urban Landscape, Eleazar Delgado Gallery, Miami FL   
           Made in America, Mano Fine Art Project Space, Miami, FL
           The Kiss, Miguel Rodez Fine Art, Miami, FL  
           The Wall, Mano Fine Art Project Space, Miami, FL 

2013  Small Works, HARRISART, Miami, FL
           BRAD 3rd Anniversary, HARRISART, Miami, FL  
           Creature Great & Small, HARRISART, Miami, FL  
           Family Bones, HARRISART, Miami, FL

2012  The Beast, Kroma Gallery, Coconut Grove, FL
           Fairchild Botanic Garden Gallery, Miami, Fl 2007
           Reverence for All Living Things, Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ 2006
           Jane Harris at the Graham Center, Florida International University

2002 Smallworks Exhibition, New York University, NYC

2001 Animals in Art, Gallery Vincent, Coconut Grove, FL

2000 Photo Op, One Ear Society, Coconut Grove, Fl

1999 Art & Architecture Interiors & Exteriors, Art Center, Miami Beach, FL
          Director's Cut,  Art Center, Miami Beach, FL  
          Statements, Art Center, Miami Beach, FL 1997
          Art Picks, Ground Level, Miami Beach, FL; work chosen by Delores Smithies, Sotheby's

1996 PRE-Sence, Ground Level, Miami Beach, FL; curated by Amy Capellazzo & Bianca Lanza

1995  The Fred Project, Art 800, Miami Beach, FL
          Abandoned & Reclaimed, Common Space, Miami Beach, FL
          Ten Years On The Road, Ground Level, Miami Beach, FL; curated by Manuel Gonszalez, Director/Art Program, Chase Manhattan  

1994  Miami DADA, Bianca Lanza, Miami Beach, FL
          Reinventing Memory, Ground Level, Miami Beach, FL  
          Lasting Impressions, Inglenook Chateau, Napa Valley, CA  
          New Work, Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FL  
          Painters Making Prints, Upper Story, Miami Beach, FL

1993  Breaking The Cycle, Upper Story, Miami Beach, FL
          Women's Caucus for Art Exhibition, Broward Community College, Davie, FL
          Miami/Beach Exchange, African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Miami, FL
          Print Exhibition, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL; curated by Alan B. Baker

1992  Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
          Women’s Caucus For Art Exhibition, Miami Dade Public Library Miami, FL
          Faculty Exhibition, South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, FL 

1991   Seven from Florida, University of Costa Rica at San Jose 

1990 Area Stage Performance Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
          All Florida Invitational, Museum of Science, Miami, FL   
          Faculty Exhibition, Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FL  
          Very Special Arts, Traveling Exhibition, State of Florida   
          Portraits, Sokolsky Gallery, Miami Beach, FL

1989 Sokolsky Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
          The Artists at Stonegate, Stonegate Mansion, South Miami, FL  
          The Female Face and Form, Carefully Chosen Gallery; Miami Beach, FL 1988
          Helios Gallery Naples, FL Handmade Paper, 841 Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 

1987  Master Papermakers, Metropolitan Museum, Coral Gables, FL
           Faculty Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum, Coral Gables, FL

HARRISART Exhibitions and Events

HARRISART provides the environment to make and show art. It has been the vehicle during the past since 2013 to present the work of dozens of artists, offer talks, workshops and demonstrations open to the public. 
February 2018        Memory Mapping

October 2017          Tournesol

May 2017                 Walk About Snapshots and Drive-By Shootings

March 2017             Fiber Optics

February 2017        Jane Harris Retrospective

June 2016               WHITEOUT: Channeling Rauschenberg

April 2016               Into the Woods

November 2015    FOREVERGLADES

August 2015         50 Shades of RA

February 2015     Eye on Nature

January 2015       Scratching the Surface: Etching Demo and Workshop

December 2014   Drum Circle/ Closing of Fragments

October 2014       Fragments: Multiple Artists

June 2014             Wall 2 Wall Women: Mural Project and Exhibition

January 2014        Different Strokes

November 2013    Small Works

October 2013        BRAD 3rd Anniversary

September 2013   Creature Great & Small

January 2013        Family Bones


1993 “Every 15 Seconds,” Miami Herald

“South Florida Art Center Speaks Out,” Beach Weekly

1989 “Freedom and Oppression,” Miami Herald 



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